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Top 10 Tifo’s In Indonesian Football – Part 2

You might remember our top 10 tifo’s in Indonesian football from earlier this year. That list contained 10 of the…

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You might remember our top 10 tifo’s in Indonesian football from earlier this year. That list contained 10 of the most remarkable big banners Indonesian football culture has ever seen. This time we’re back with another list that shows the originality of the supporters, expressing themselves in thousands of small banners held up at the same time, creating a beautiful display that gives their team a push towards victory. Here is our top 10 Tifo’s in Indonesian football!

10. PSS Sleman – Arema Malang 05-05-2019 3-1

Top 10 tifo's in Indonesia - Part 2 - Awaydays Asia: PSS Sleman

Kicking off our list is the perfect example on how to execute a choreography. The Brigata Curva Sud from PSS Sleman looking professional as usual. For the important match against Arema on the fifth of May in 2019, PSS Sleman went all out with this one. The choreo shows a diamond-shaped pattern in their green and white colors, with the golden exclamation mark in the middle. This helped the Super Elja that day to victory, beating Arema Malang 3-1. Goals by Ferreira, Bokhasvili, Muslim for Sleman, and Comvalius for Arema.

9. Persija Jakarta – Bali United 26-08-2016 1-2

Top 10 tifo's in Indonesia - Part 2 - Awaydays Asia: Bali United

Number two on our list is a choreo from the North Side Boys from Bali United. On the 26th of August, Bali United played against Persija Jakarta during the ban on Indonesian football. Even though on paper Persija was the home team, the match was held in the Kapten I Wayan Dipta Stadium in Bali. The tifo shows the mascot of Bali and is accompanied by a Japanese-style choreography behind it. The banner beneath says ‘the beginning of history’. We’ve seen Bali United grow as a club and the NSB12 as a group so that prophecy was definitely right. What’s special about this choreo is the supporters rithmitically put the papers up and down, creating a 3d-effect. Luckily for Bali United, they won this match 1-2 with Yabes scoring the winning goal in the 95th minute!

8. Persebaya Surabaya – PSIS Semarang 08-12-2018 1-0

Top 10 tifo's in Indonesia - Part 2 - Awaydays Asia: Persebaya Surabaya
Top 10 tifo’s in Indonesia – Part 2 – Awaydays Asia: Bali United

For the third choreography of our top-10 list we make our way to Surabaya. On the eighth of December in 2018 Persebaya played against PSIS Semarang. The Green Nord  stand created this masterpiece tifo with a matching choreo next to it. The Bonek on the tifo expresses his love for Persebaya through a heart-sign and beneath it was a banner saying “I Can’t Stop Falling In Love With You”. The green-white strokes of the tifo transitions to a green-white stroked choreography.

Green Nord 27 made a small documentary about the number of hours, dedication, and effort it takes to create the choreo. We have included the video for you and we highly suggest you watch it! More than 100 people were working on it. This was the last game of the season and Persebaya beat PSIS 1-0, securing fifth place that season.

7. Persib Bandung – Persija Jakarta 16-07-2016: 0-0

Top 10 tifo's in Indonesia - Part 2 - Awaydays Asia: Persib Bandung

On the 16th of July in 2016, millions of people were excited about what was going to happen that day. The Indonesian superclasico, the match between Persib Bandung and Persija Jakarta. The Viking of Persib were celebrating their 23rd anniversary, making this match extra special. Check out this video by @f_f_asia as part of their BOBOTOH documentary. The choreography says “Viking 1993” which refers to the year the Vikings of Bandung were found, accompanied by the blue-white colors of the club. The game itself wasn’t that exciting, both teams didn’t score that day in the beautiful Gelora Bandung Lautan Api Stadium. But the fan effort is definitely worth watching!

6. Persita Tangerang – PSMS Medan 22-09-2019: 1-0

Top 10 tifo's in Indonesia - Part 2 - Awaydays Asia: Persita Tangerang

This choreography is a special one. Persita Tangerang and PSMS Medan also met in 2017. During that time, Banu Rusman was killed in an attack. The supporters of Persita wanted to commemorate this tragedy 2 years later with this choreography. The tifo says “silenced justice” which implies the supporters are not satisfied and want more answers. Before the match, the supporters held a march where they demanded justice for Banu Rusman. The North Legion from Persita created a visually stunning choreography to remember their fallen comrade. The match ended in a 1-0 victory for the home team.

5. Persis Solo – PSIS Semarang 14-05-2014: 1-0

Top 10 tifo's in Indonesia - Part 2 - Awaydays Asia: Persis Solo

Halfway through our list, we head over to Persis Solo, for the important derby match against PSIS Semarang on the 14th of May in 2014. The match ended in a 1-0 victory for the home team, with the only goal scored by Ruspuspito. Notice how the Pasoepati gave this display a 3d effect by dancing together. Well done lads!

4. Sriwijaya – PSIS Semarang 22-05-2018: 4-0

Top 10 tifo's in Indonesia - Part 2 - Awaydays Asia: Sriwijaya

On the 22nd of May in 2018, the supporters of Sriwijaya celebrated their 13th anniversary. They did this in style, creating a yellow-black checkered choreography. There was a tifo in front of it with a man ready to light his pyro.. This class action of the supporters apparently gave the players on the field a huge moral boost as they won 4-0, with goals by Hamzah, N’Diaye (2) and Da Costa.

3. Gresik United – Semen Padang 21-04-2017: 1-3

Top 10 tifo's in Indonesia - Part 2 - Awaydays Asia: Gresik United

On the 24th of April in 2017, Gresik United played against Semen Padang. The ultras Gresik created this Part Of My Life choreography in their yellow-blue colors  Check out the footage by, with yet again a 3d effect created by moving on the rhythm. Unfortunately for the Gresik supporters, their efforts didn’t help their team that day. The match ended in a 1-3 victory for the away team, with goals by da Silva for Gresik and Mofu(2) and Maulana for Semen Padang.

2. PSIS Semarang – Persib Bandung 18-11-2018: 2-0

Top 10 tifo's in Indonesia - Part 2 - Awaydays Asia: PSIS Semarang

This beautiful choreography was executed by the supporters of PSIS Semarang. On the 18th of November in 2018, PSIS played against Persib Bandung. As you can see the supporters went all-out on this choreo and tifo creating a visually stunning image on the stands. The yellow versus blue contrast pops so well and accompanied by the tifo the image is complete. Beneath the choreography is a banner saying PSIS Semarang Tetap Liga 1, which roughly translates to PSIS Semarang still in Liga 1. The match ended in a 3-0 victory for PSIS, goals by Silva, Yulianto and Conteh.

1. Persija Jakarta – Persela Lamongan 27-08-2017: 2-0

Top 10 tifo's in Indonesia - Part 2 - Awaydays Asia: Persija Jakarta

Last but not least on our list is one of the biggest clubs in Indonesia. On the 27th of August in 2017, Persija played against Persela Lamongan. The tifo in front shows 3 Jakmania supporters, one of them making the famous ‘J’ sign. The tifo is accompanied by red-white strokes behind it, creating a beautiful choreography display. The match ended in a 2-0 victory for the Jakartans, goals by Ramdhani and Da Costa.

That marks the end of our top 10 Tifo’s in Indonesian football. Did we miss any? Please let us know! Stay tuned for the next top 10…

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