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Top 10 Pyro In Indonesia

Either big or small, a pyro party always enhances the atmosphere at a football game. The unmistakable smell of the…

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Either big or small, a pyro party always enhances the atmosphere at a football game. The unmistakable smell of the flares just gives that extra kick to give it all while screaming your club to victory. Even though it is prohibited in Indonesia and the club can get fined pretty hefty, supporters sometimes just don’t care and create the most amazing pyro shows. Here is our top 10 Pyro in Indonesia!

1. Sriwijaya F.C.

On the 5th of November in 2017, Sriwijaya hosted a match against Gresik United. The author of From Booth Ferry To Germany attended and captured this match. The supporters of the home team had a small surprise for their team and their support led their team to a 10-2 (!) victory over Gresik United. This pyro may not be the biggest but therefore it is not less than any other pyro. At Awaydays Asia we love to see support groups big and small showing their fanaticism for their club.

Sriwijaya FC Pyro
Pyro Sriwijaya FC

2. Persebaya

Moving on to the enormous Gelora Bung Tomo Stadium. A full house of 50.000 Bonek watched their team play against PSIS Semarang for the last match of the 2018 season. On the 8th of December in 2018 the home team managed to beat PSIS 1-0, securing the 5th place for Persebaya. More importantly was this amazing pyro show by the supporters. We can only imagine what kind of boost this gives the players on the pitch.

Persebaya Surabaya Pyro
Pyro Persebaya

3. Madura United

Moving northwards from Surabaya across the Suramadu bridge you will arrive at the Bangkalan stadium which is home to Madura United. On the 13th of June in 2016, the supporters of Madura United: K-Conk, celebrated their 7th birthday in the stadium against Persiba Balikpapan. The home supporters brought some pyro to celebrate. The smoke generated by the fans became so thick that the referee collapsed and had to be taken to the hospital. Luckily after the hospital he came out all right.

Madura United Pyro
Pyro Madura United

4. Bali United

Moving onto the island of the Gods. At the end of the 2019 season, Bali United played against Madura United, and became the champions for the first time in the club’s history. We attended this match ourselves and witnessed the amazing pyro show all throughout the stadium. After the final whistle there was a huge pitch invasion. It was a night to remember.

Bali United Pyro
Pyro Bali United

5. PSS Sleman

In that same week in 2019, PSS Sleman played their last match against TIRA Persikabo. To thank their team for their efforts that season, the Brigata Curva Sud displayed a pyro show during the ‘Sampai Kau Bisa’, also known as the ‘Song For Pride’. Check out the footage here.

PSS Sleman Pyro
Pyro PSS Sleman

6. Persija Jakarta

Moving onto the capital of Indonesia: Jakarta. On the 28th of November in 2019, the Jakmania celebrated Persija’s 91st birthday, in style. Against Persipura the Jak lit the Gelora Bung Karno on fire, creating a red glow throughout the stadium. What a way to celebrate your birthday!

Persija Jakarta Pyro
Pyro Persija

7. Arema Malang

Let’s make our way to the Kanjuruhan stadium, AKA the ‘The Lion’s Den’. This stadium is home to Arema Malang who are nicknamed ‘Singo Edan’ which again, translates to ‘Crazy Lion’. It’s so cool to see the flares burning through the banner saying ‘only God can stop us’. We already witnessed the passion for Arema in Kanjuruhan a couple of times before. Fun fact: the Arema Lions are actually friends with the Persija Tigers.

Arema Malang Pyro
Pyro Arema

8. Persis Solo

The Pasoepati from Surakarta never disappoint. The red supporters of the famous Mataram Derby know how to colour their entire stadium in red through a huge display of flares and other fireworks. The Pasoepati are one of the biggest supporter groups in Central Java and seem to dislike everything that’s blue. Other than the opponents of the Mataram Derby (PSIM Yogyakarta), they also have a fierce rivalry with PSIS Semarang (also blue).

Persis Solo Pyro
Pyro Persis Solo

9. Persib Bandung

Speaking of blue, our list couldn’t be complete without the Viking from Persib Bandung. Persib is arguably (one of) the biggest club(s) in Indonesia which obviously translates to a huge supporters-base. In 2013, in their iconic Si-Jalak Harupat Stadium, they played against Madura United and gave the players on the pitch an extra boost to victory over Madura United.

Persib Bandung Pyro
Pyro Persib

10. PSIM Yogyakarta

We’re concluding our top 10 pyro in Indonesia list in Yogyakarta with some absolute scenes by the Brajamusti from PSIM. This picture has everything, flares, smoke bombs, flags, paper rolls and most importantly: the supporter to complete the chaos. This is why we love Indonesian football culture!

PSIM Yogyakarta Pyro

That marks the end of our top 10: Pyro in Indonesia list. Please let us know if you feel like there are even better pyro parties!

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