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Top 10 Indonesian Football Tattoos

“You can change your wife, change your politics, change your religion. But never, never can you change your favourite football…

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“You can change your wife, change your politics, change your religion. But never, never can you change your favourite football team!” This famous quote from the movie ‘Looking for Eric’ defines your club as something permanent, something that cannot be changed. The following supporters also view their love for their club as something permanent and eternalized on their bodies with some beautiful tattoos. This is Awaydays Asia’s top 10 Indonesian football tattoos!

1. Persib Bandung

Kicking off our list is the capo of Persib Bandung @im_bobs, with this HUGE Persib Bandung logo on his back surrounded by a laurel wreath. Above this work of art, he also has a small tattoo in his neck with an old-school football surrounded yet again by another laurel wreath.

Persib Bandung Tattoo Bobotoh
Persib Bandung Tattoo

2. Persebaya Surabaya

The second one on our list is from Surabaya. This fan takes his support for Persebaya to the heart and put the logo on that exact place. This is a really cool design as it seems to be underneath his skin and looks as if some loose skin is still hanging above the piece. The colors of the logo really pop out!

Persebaya Surabaya Tattoo Bonek
Persebaya Surabaya Tattoo

3. PSS Sleman

Up next we go to Yogyakarta. This guy has 4 (!) PSS Sleman tattoos on his back. From left to right we have the Brigata Curva Sud logo, from father to son with the 76 referring to the year PSS Sleman was founded, and the well-known PSS Sleman logo surrounded by a laurel wreath. Beneath these 3 pieces there is the cup with the starting 11 from their champions-year in 2018.

PSS Sleman Tattoo Brigata Curva Sud
PSS Sleman Tattoo

4. Bali United

Continuing our list with this piece by @dedikcombo. This piece features the North Hooligan logo. This fairly young group from the famous holiday awayday destination existing since 2017 have proved again and again that they’re a force to be reckoned with in the stands. Check out their Instagram Page! The tattoo is completed by some chaotic scenes beneath with a guy holding a smoke bomb.

Bali United Tattoo North Bali Hooligans
Bali United Tattoo

5. Garuda Indonesia

In the category hardcore Indonesian football tattoos. We’ve got this beautiful Garuda on the back of the head made by @indrick_monkeys. You don’t see one of these everyday. What a way to show love for your country!

Garuda Tattoo Indonesia
Garuda Indonesia Tattoo

6. PPSM Magelang

Moving along to a third divisionist of Indonesia! This is the stadium of PPSM Magelang. This supporter got the Moch Soebroto stadium tattooed on his underarm. The stadium has a capacity of 22.000, and since 2018 it’s actually the the home base for PSIS Semarang which must have been quite painful for this fan.

PPSM Magelang Tattoo Moch Soebroto stadium
PPSM Magelang Tattoo

7. Persis Solo

As we make our way to Surakarta, we get this amazing Persis Solo tattoo! On this guys back you can see the Persis Logo inked on his skin and also some scenes from the stands. The flag with ‘1923’ refers to the year Persis Solo was founded, and the smoke bombs and scarves complete the scenery.

Persis Solo Tattoo Pasoepati 1923
Persis Solo Tattoo

8. Arema Malang

It’s not only supporters who eternalize their club on their skin. The Spanish-born Malaysian international Kiko Insa got the famous ‘Salam Satu Jiwa’ from Arema tattooed beneath this beautiful looking lion, look at those details! For those of you who don’t know: Arema’s nickname is ‘Singo Edan’ which translates to ‘Crazy Lion’ so this combination is a match made in heaven.

Arema Malang Tattoo Salam Satu Jiwa Kiko Insa Singo Edan
Arema Malang Tattoo

9. Persija Jakarta

We have talked a bit about female supporter groups before but this lady definitely takes it to the next level! She proves to be a true Jak and got the ‘Persija Hooligans’ tattooed on her arm. It’s amazing to see how serious the female Indonesian supporter culture is!

Persija Jakarta Tattoo Jakmania
Persija Jakarta Tattoo

10. PSIM Yogyakarta

Last but not least we have this beautiful tattoo of PSIM Yogyakarta. The tattoo is based on their logo and shows true dedication from this supporter. Also, how cute is that baby? Let’s hope the passion will flow through and we see the little man in the stands in the future. But with a father this fanatic we’re sure the passion will be passed on within this family.

PSIM Yogyakarta Tattoo
PSIM Yogyakarta Tattoo

That marks the end of our list of the best Indonesian football tattoos! If you’ve got any tattoos yourself you want to showcase to the world react in the comments and we will get back to you.


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