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Top 10 Indonesian Football Chants

What better feeling than screaming your team to victory, simultaneously with thousands of like-minded souls? We’ve talked already about the…

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What better feeling than screaming your team to victory, simultaneously with thousands of like-minded souls? We’ve talked already about the visual aspect in the stands, and the pyrotechnical aspect in the stands, but today we’re going to talk about the vocal aspect. Here is our top 10 Indonesian football chants/songs!

10. Bali United – Bali No Surrender

We’re starting off our list on the island of the Gods. Of course we are talking about Bali United and the song ‘Bali No Surrender’. We love the moment the chorus kicks in and the flags go up. Total madness in the stands!

9. Persib Bandung – Viking Clap

One of Persib Bandung’s biggest supporter groups is called the Viking Persib Club (VPC). Existing since 17 July 1993, the Viking Persib Club has the most official members of all the supporter-groups in Indonesia! The name Viking came, of course, from Scandinavian tales of tough and resilient warriors. The founders of the VPC recognized that spirit in their views and beliefs of Persib Bandung so they adopted the Viking.

Remember the Icelanders back at the Euro 2016 with their Viking Clap? Well, the Bandung Vikings do it as well after each match!

Starting at 1:25

8. PS Sleman – Sampai Kau Bisa

Moving on in our list we make our way to Yogyakarta. It is no secret that the Brigata Curva Sud from Sleman are top tier regarding support in Indonesia. In our opinion their most impressive song is the ‘Sampai Kau Bisa’ which translates to ‘Untill You Succeed’. Take a look for yourself and turn the volume way up!

Starting at 0:25

7. Persebaya – Emosi Jiwaku

This song is called ‘Emosi Jiwaku’, which translates to ‘Emotion Of My Soul’ and with a title like that, the song can not disappoint. This specific clip is from Persebaya versus Borneo FC in 2018. The song starts with ‘inside the stadium, we are brothers’, and that brotherhood in the stands is exactly what makes Indonesian football so unique.

6. Persija – Kukibarkan Bendera Persija

We’re making our way to the capital of Indonesia: Jakarta. This song ‘Kukibarkan Bendera Persija’ is typically sang at the start of the match and translates to ‘I Raise The Persija Flag’. This specific clip is from the time Persija played against the Malaysian club: Johor Darul Tazkim for the AFC cup. The incredibly tifo that night made it to our top 10: tifo in Indonesia list . Persija managed to beat Johor Darul Tazkim 4-0, after losing 0-3 in the away game.

5. Arema – Satu Cinta Arema

Next up we go to the Singo Edan/the Crazy Lion, AKA Arema Malang. This song, performed by the Curva Sud Arema, is called ‘Catu Cinta Arema’. This translates to ‘One Love Arema’. We are loving the pogo at the end!

4. PSIS Semarang – Bersinar

For our number four we have to travel to Semarang to the Panser Biru of PSIS Semarang This song is called ‘Bersinar’ which translates to ‘Shine’. If you watch the clip down below you will see why this song is called shine!

3. Persik Kediri – Joyo Ing Boyo

Number three is Persiki Kediri! The song ‘Joyo Ing Boyo’ means ‘Glory in the Catastrophe’ and is the motto of the city Kediri as well. The city is most famous for its cigarette industry but most importantly for us: Persik Kediri. Check out the song down below!

Starting at 0:33

2. Madura United – Merah Di Dada

Almost at the finish of our list! We’re crossing the Suramadu bridge from Surabaya to Madura and go to the Bangkalan Stadium, home of Madura United. The song is called ‘Merah Di Dada’ which translates to ‘Red On Chest’. This tells us the supporters keep the color red close to heart. If you check out the clip below you will see the Madura supporters also know how to color their stadium in red!

1. Timnas – Bagimu Negeri

We’re finishing our list with the national team of Indonesia! AKA timnas, this song Is called ‘Bagimu Negeri’ which translates to ‘Country For You’. Look at the incredible atmosphere at an Under 16 (!) match!

Starting at 2:51

That concludes our of top 10 Indonesian football chants/songs! Please let us know if we’re missing any!


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