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PSG Pati – Newcomer in the Liga 2 Indonesia

Pati Saint Germain Upcoming season the Liga 2 of Indonesia welcomes a new name in the game: PSG Pati. Already…

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Pati Saint Germain

Upcoming season the Liga 2 of Indonesia welcomes a new name in the game: PSG Pati. Already nicknamed as Pati Saint Germain by Indonesian football fans, and it isn’t hard to see why. The club flies under the exact same colors as the French powerhouse from Paris. But where does this club come from? And are there any ties with the original Paris Saint Germain?

Roots in Gresik

While you might think that PSG Pati is brand new, this isn’t the case. The club was founded back in 2014 as Putri Sinar Giri (PSG Gresik) and was located in Gresik. The same city known for Gresik United. However, this season the club got acquired by the Pati Football Academy in order to strengthen the football potential in the region.

The Pati Football Academy is well known in Indonesia for their good facilities and professional guidance for young players. In order to connect the facilities with a professional football team, the regency worked together with the football academy to form Putra Sinar Giri(PSG). Starting next season, the club will be based in central Java and will operate in the Liga 2.

According to deputy regent Saiful Arifin, the club aims to increase passion for football in the region. Currently the regency is represented by league 3 team Persipa Pati. Who are unable to substantially perform and which doesn’t attract large crowds. PSG Pati plans to build a solid foundation in facilities and management first in order to promote to Indonesia’s highest level in professional football.

Berita PSG Pati

Training facilities and stadium

The training facilities of Safin Pati Football Academy are still new. Currently they own three fields and dormitories that can house up to 500 children. They are aiming to create a top-class training center based on Western standards Including a player hotel and academy where both football and extracurricular activities like farming, economics and craftsmanship will be thought. In case talents don’t make it as a professional football player, they have something to fall back on and contribute to society.

Now when it comes to the home-base of PSG Pati, this will be Stadion Joyokusumo Pati. A field accompanied with one mere tribune. At first glance nothing out of the ordinary. But there are big renovation plans scheduled to take place. One thing in particular that stands out, is the presence of a perfect pitch. Something you don’t see too often within Indonesian football. This is due to the fact that Putra Sinar Giri will play on artificial grass. We are curious how both young talents and opponents will react to this unique situation. As most Liga 2 teams won’t be used to playing official matches on fake grass.

The fans: Laskar Kembang & Bala Yoda

With a new club come new fans. Or atleast, that’s what they are hoping for in Pati. This will obviously depend on the performances of the first squad but let’s not forget the enthusiast who will stand-up to form a fan collective. It remains a strange concept to start supporting a newly emerged team, without history, rivalries or acquired trophies to be proud of. But you’ve got to start somewhere.

The club already introduced the nickname of the fans as Laskar Kembang or Bala Yoda. A reference to an old folklore from the regency which dates back to the Majasemi Kingdom. This atleast contributes to bringing honor to the regency, the club and an identity to hold on to. We are more than curious to see how fierce the support will be and if the club will be able to attract steady crowds upcoming season.

Paris Saint Germain connection(?)

Remarkable about the takeover of the club was the change of the club’s colors and logo. Changing from bright yellow to taking on a recognizable shade of red-and-blue. After the logo transformation the club from Pati looks an awful lot like Paris Saint Germain, the star formation from Paris. This immediately sparked rumors among fans: ‘will they act as a satellite club for the real PSG?’, ‘is there a relationship between the two teams?’.

Well, this is a myth that needs to be busted. Besides wearing the same colours the two clubs have no connection whatsoever. I hardly believe anyone at Paris Saint Germain has ever heard of football in Indonesia, let alone the Pati regency. But hey, let’s hope they will embark on a beautiful journey and contribute to bringing Indonesia’s football to the next level. As there is hope that the professionality of Indonesian football will increase over the next few years with more and more talents emerging, players playing overseas and a possibly flourishing economy. Let’s see if Pati Saint Germain will play a role of significance in all this!

Paris Saint Germain Wallpaper

What is your opinion on PSG Pati? Do you think they will be a good addition to the current landscape of Indonesian football? Leave your thoughts in the comment section below.


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