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Club in the spotlights: Persikasi

Club in the spotlights! Persikasi
Information about the club and its supporters culture.

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“In the spotlights” is the column about fans introducing their favorite club. It’s not about the size, city, trophies, or current performance, it’s about the passion for the club. This weeks club in the spotlight is Persikasi from Bekasi who is currently active in Liga 3. This time it’s up to Arvyan and Aples to tell us more about this club.

Persikasi is a club born in the industrial town of Cikarang in the Bekasi region. Located in the Western part of Indonesia’s most populated island Java and connected with the Eastern border of the capital Jakarta. According to “statistics Indonesia”, Bekasi has overtaken Surabaya as the second most populous city. Bekasi is also part of the Jabodetabek metropolitan area, which is the third biggest metropolitan area worldwide according to “statistics Indonesia”. It is to be believed that over 35 million people live in the Jabodetabek area.

Cikarang, industrial Park

Bekasi is also one of the oldest cities in Indonesia and has a history of being the capital city of the Kindom of Tarumanagara. At that time, the name of Bekasi was Dayeuh Sundasembawa. During the Dutch East Indies period, Bekasi was a part of the Batavia residency. Nowadays Bekasi attracts many expatriates from Japan and Korea because of its large numbers of multinationals.

Football Club Persikasi

Football Club Persikasi was born in 1961 with the nickname “Laskar Bendo Item”. It is currently performing in Indonesia’s third league, classified in the West Java Zone. Last year Persikasi became runner-up and almost promoted to the second league. They started with the preparations for this season in February and promotion to the second league was the main target. Unfortunately, COVID-19 interrupted the preparation for the upcoming season, and until today they don’t know when the restart will take place.

Persikasi’s home base is the prestigious Wibawa Mukti Stadium in Cikarang, Bekasi. This stadium was built to host the 2014 Porda Jabar XII (Indonesian Sportsweek) and has been used multiple times for Indonesia’s international team. It’s a beautiful stadium, especially for Indonesia standards, but a bit too big for football club Persikasi. The stadium can host around 30.000 people and gives Persikasi a greater status in Indonesia’s football. You can find more information about Indonesian football stadiums here.

Wibawa Mukti Stadium in Cikarang!

Although Persikasi is still playing in league 3, the club was able to make a breakthrough by launching its own store and office. Something that is rarely seen by Indonesian clubs in the third league. You can find their store and office at Thamrin Boulevard, Jl. Cikarang Baru Raya No.61.

The location of the Persikasi Fans Store and the office is in the same area and just a few minutes from each other. It’s to stimulate a form of harmonization between the club and the supporters.

The new 2020 Persikasi Shirt – Filmed by The Local Culture (Friends of Awaydays Asia)

Persikasi itself has fans called “Persikasi Fans” This organization was founded on January 10, 2017. The Persikasi Fans are inspired by different subgroups like the Mania, Ultras, and Hooligans.

Last year Persikasi became runner-up and competed for promotion to the second league in Indonesia. They lost the final game in Sumedang against PSKC Cimahi but many Persikasi Fans travelled to Sumedang to support their team. Huge busses and many cars made the trip to Sumedang.

Persikasi Fans – Interview

Our friends from “The Local Culture” recently had an interview with the Persikasi Fans -Chairman, Mr. Aples. They talked about football during COVID-19 and what it is to be the chairman of the Fan Club.

Mr. Aples explained that he has been chosen for the position as Chairman out of 4 potential candidates. He got more than 50% of the votes which made him the new Persikasi Fans Chairman.

On the left side (With Awaydays Asia Shirt) Arvyan from The Lokal Culture and on the right side Mr. Aples (Chairman of Persikasi Fans)

When asking the chairman about his mission for the upcoming season he explained that it is important to keep the members busy and try to find new members/potential Persikasi Fans to grow the community. In these difficult times, I try to keep the member’s busy by giving them small jobs as a store employee or I schedule them for printing activities. It’s important for me to help my unemployed friends in Bekasi.

They started the more professional side of Persikasi Fans in 2016 but starting using the name Persikasi Fans on January 10, 2017.
Mr. Aples was born in Bekasi, went to school in the same neighborhood, started working in Bekasi, and will probably die in Bekasi! For that good reason, he is a true Persikasi Supporter. If you are talking about Bekasi, you are talking about pride. Football and pride go hand in hand he finally added.

Persikasi fans don’t adhere to one culture. The Mania, Ultras, and Hooligan culture is where they take their ideas from and everyone is free to join them on the tribune.

Charity Work

Recently the Persikasi Fans Community work together to help the less-fortunate people in the region. The community gives food packages and clothes to the ones in need. Mr. Aples is also one of the leaders of this generous movement. Due to COVID-19, many peoples have lost their jobs in the Cikarang.

The Persikasi Fans Community before sending out the food packages.

If you would like to donate or help the community you can contact them directly through Instagram.

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