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Indonesian Football Culture: Top 10 Tifo’s in Indonesia

With the word originating from Italy, a tifo is a display of support created by the tifosi of a particular…

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With the word originating from Italy, a tifo is a display of support created by the tifosi of a particular club. This can either be done by a huge banner, a choreography, or a combination of the two. After having talks with many fans and players in the Liga 1 we can say for sure that a tifo gives both the fans and the players a huge moral- and adrenaline boost during the match. The past couple of years the orchestration of tifo displays in Indonesia has grown significantly, so we’ve collected the top 10 remarkable tifo’s in Indonesia. 

10. Borneo FC

For the first choreo on this list we are travelling to the Segiri Stadium in Samarinda. On the 25th of February in 2018 there was a group-stage match for the Piala Gubernur between Arema and Borneo FC. The Borneo fans created this display of their players holding the cup. The tifo is accompanied by a choreo in their iconic orange-white colours. Unfortunately for the Borneo fans they didn’t actually lift the cup that year.

Koreo Borneo vs Arema. Players lifting the Piala Presiden
Picture by
9. Persela Lamongan

Next up on the list is this tifo from Persela Lamongan which was showed at Choirul Huda’s tribute match. Choirul Huda was the goalkeeper of Persela, he came to the club in 1999 and stayed until he died in 2017. He was a legend in Lemongan. He died after an incident in the match against Semen Padang in 2017, he suffered a collision on his chest and lower jaw and died later in the hospital. After that a memorial match was played and the supporters of Persela came with this beautiful tifo saying “In Persela We Trust”.

Persela Lamongan fans with a beautiful tifo

8. Badak Lampung

Number 8 already! For this tifo we have to go to the “rhino’s” from Lampung. On 12 December the supporters from Badak Lampung created this casual ultra Tifo showing a man wearing a CP Company Goggle jacket and the signature Aquascutum scarf. All in their own red colours. This tifo was created for the match against Persija Jakarta, and while Badak Lampung may not be the biggest club from Indonesia, this tifo show they definitely have class!

Badak Lampung Choreo & Fans. Top 10 Tifo's in Indonesia

7. Persebaya

For number 7 on our list we make our way to Surabaya. For the match on the 6th of May in 2018 against their arch nemesis Arema Malang, the Bonek of Persebaya prepared multiple tifo’s. On the first tifo you can see the famous Surabaya Crocodile slaying the Arema Malang lion. On the other side of the Gelora Bung Tomo Stadium that day you could see the famous Bondho Nekat (Bonek) man with the head of the Arema Malang lion(A trend that you might recognize in in the next tifo on our list).

Persebaya's Bonek with a beautiful choreo against arch rival Arema

6. Persib Bandung

Up next is a big match between two rivals. Again a tifo aimed at Arema Malang, and this time coming from Persib Bandung, who orchestrated this tifo on 13 September 2018. The tifo shows pennywise on a graveyard. Next to that on the tombstones it says 1987, which refers to Arema 1987. Pennywise is also holding the head of the famous lion of Arema. Beneath the tifo was a banner with a little clumsy translation ‘Don’t Playground With Us’. We left that part out on purpose in the picture because we still think this was a brilliant Tifo from the Bandung supporters! The match ended in 2-0 for the home-team.

Choreo Persib Supporters vs Arema

5. Persis Solo

Halfway through our list we make our way to Solo. The Surakartans made this tifo for the derby against PSS Sleman in 2017. Beneath the tifo is a banner saying “My City, My Team, My Mates” which shows the brotherhood of the Pasoepati. Just like the tifo of Pennywise, this tifo also includes a movie reference to Hellboy. Persis Solo ended up winning this match 1-0 by a late goal. Great support!

Choreo from Persis Solo Supporters showing Hellboy "My city, My Team, My Mates"

4. PSS Sleman

Number four on our list is a tifo from the supporters from PSS Sleman. This was a match in the Liga 2 against PSPS Riau, which ended in 2-3. The match was played on the 10th of October in 2017, the same year PSS Sleman played in their beautiful Super Elja shirt, the tifo during this match worked so well with their jersey, truly a remarkable show of support by the Brigata Curva Sud, which is a well-organized group.

Beautiful Eagle Choreo from PSS Sleman supporters

3. Arema

Going back to 25-05-2014, Arema Malang played against rivals Persib Bandung. The Aremania prepared a HUGE banner, which filled the whole Kanjuruhan stadium. The left side of the banner said “Arema Singo Edan”, which translates to “Arema Crazy Lion”. The right side of the banner said “Salum Satu Jiwa”, this translates to “Great One Soul”. The banner is said to be 15.000 m², and took some serious passion and dedication to make. Has anyone ever seen a bigger tifo in Indonesia?

Biggest choreo ever in Indonesia from Arema Malang

2. Bali United

Second on our list is a display by the NSB12 of Bali United against that year’s champions Persija Jakarta on 02-12-2018. This banner, accompanied by a pyro show, shows a warrior wearing a sarong around his waist. Below is a banner saying “Juara bukan mimpi jika terjuang sepenuh hati”, which translates to “Becoming champion is not a dream if you put your heart in it”. On the long side of the stadium there was a choreographic by the Bali United supporters saying “suksma”, which translates to “thank you”, to show their appreciation for that season. Persija eventually won that match(1-2) to take a step towards their championship that season. Even though the NSB12 are a fairly young group, they manage to impress with their professional looking tifo’s.

Bali United's North Side Boys with a great tifo against Persija
North Side Boys from Bali United fans with a great pyro show

1. Persija

Earlier that season, the soon to be champions Persija Jakarta played against Malaysian club; Johor Darul Tazkim for the AFC cup. The home team beat the visitors 4-0 that night in the immersive Gelora Bung Karno stadium. At the start of the match the Jakmania had a huge banner showing their famous tiger with some serious muscle. The banner was accompanied by a matching choreographic. Due to the huge support of the Jakmania, Persija managed to win the game with 4-0 after losing 0-3 in the away game. The Jakmania really created a beautiful atmosphere that evening!

Persija Jakarta - Beautful display of a Tiger in their Choreo / Tifo

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