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Female Football stars in Indonesia

Recently the Indonesian Football Federation, PSSI, successfully introduced the football competition for Indonesian female teams. It’s called “the womens league…

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Recently the Indonesian Football Federation, PSSI, successfully introduced the football competition for Indonesian female teams. It’s called “the womens league 1 or Putri Liga 1 Indonesia”.

The PSSI contacted the 18 Liga 1 clubs to participate with their women’s team and the first competition was held back in 2019. Not every club joined the competition with a female team but at least 10 clubs participated.

The ten clubs in 2019 were: PSS Sleman, TIRA-Persikabo, Persija Jakarta, PSIS Semarang, Persib Bandung, PSM Makassar, Persipura Jayapura, Arema FC, Persebaya Surabaya, and Bali United. In the implementation of the competition, the ten teams were divided into two groups, Group A and Group B. Every team played 4 group matches and the top 2 teams from every group secured a place in the semi-finals.

GROUP A – Yogyakarta
PSS Sleman
TIRA- Persikabo
Persija Jakarta
PSIS Semarang
Persib Bandung
GROUP B – Malang
Persipura Jayapura
Arema FC
Persebaya Surabaya
Bali United
PSM Makassar

Persib Bandung Putri won the first edition by defeating TIRA-Persikabo in the final with 3-1. Not only has Indonesia something new to follow, but also the fanatic men supporters got their hearts melted away by the beauty of some of the female players. Some of the Indonesian female players became national celebrities after just one season.

Shafira Ika Putri (TIRA-Persikabo Putri)

Shafira Ika Putri is our first beautiful female football star! She is an attacking midfielder player for TIRA-Persikabo. Not only her performance on the pith gained attention but also her lifestyle and Instagram got a lot of interest from male and female supporters. Shafira is also playing for the Indonesian national team.

Zahra Muzdalifa (Persija Putri)

The name Zahra Muzdalifa is no longer a stranger to Indonesian football lovers. Zahra is very popular because of her beauty and performance on the pith. During the 2018 Asian Games, Zahra was able to score two goals when Indonesia won against the Maldives with 6-0. In the 2019 Women’s League 1, she played for Persija Jakarta.

Basia Putri (Persija Putri)

Basia Putri is a female Persija Jakarta player. Maybe she is not as popular as Zahra but Basia’s beauty made men melt away. She is a very talented Persija Jakarta player.

Natasya Sumitro (Bali United Putri)

Natasya Sumitro was originally a female futsal athlete in the Women Pro Futsal League (WPFL). This is the highest competition for women’s futsal in Indonesia. Now, the 22-year-old woman is a defensive player for Bali United in the Women’s League 1.

Anggita Oktaviani (Persija Putri)

Anggita Oktaviani is the next beautiful footballer in the Women’s League 1. The Trisakti University student is a Persija Jakarta Putri player. She plays at the left-back position.

Latipah Nurul Inayah (Persib Putri)

Latipah Nurul Inayah or commonly known as Uyung, is a greenfield angel in the eyes of her supporters. Uyung is a former professional female futsal player. She once defended the Indonesian University Club which competed in the Women Pro Futsal League (WPFL). Uyung managed to become a star at Persib Putri’s front line. She was one of the key players during the Persib championship in 2019.

As this article is based on the success stories of the first female competition in 2019, we are curious which female players became absolute stars in 2020 and 2021. Please let us know what your favorite female player is.


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