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Club In the spotlights: Persibas Banyumas

“In the spotlights” is a new returning column about fans introducing their favorite club. It’s not about the size, city,…

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“In the spotlights” is a new returning column about fans introducing their favorite club. It’s not about the size, city, trophies, or current performance, it’s about the passion for your club. The first contribution to this new section is coming from Purwokerto, Central Java. Persibas Banyumas is currently performing in Liga 3, and Arvyan is telling us more about his club.

Persibas Banyumas

Persibas Banyumas is a football club in Southern Central Java founded in 1950 under the name of Banyumas Football Association. It changed its name to Persibas Banymes in 1986, and that’s nowadays still the team name. 

The club has performed in the Indonesian Division 1 until 2014 (3rd National Level), and the highest achievement was promotion to Divison Utama (Second highest level in Indonesia) in 2015. After the ban from the FIFA (the Indonesian competition was not registered as an official league) in 2016, Persibas was finally performing in Indonesia’s Liga 2 in 2017. In that year and with the following statistics Persibas relegated to Liga 3 and to this day they haven’t been able to return to the higher Liga 2.

Liga 2 Indonesia 2017: Persibas Banyumas Statistics
Played: 14
Win: 7
Draw: 2
Lost: 5
Goals 19
Goals Conceded: 17
Points: 23

Laskar Bombastik 

Persibas Homebase is the Satria Stadium in Purwokerto with a capacity of 15.000 spectators. The Satria Stadium was recently renovated in 2013. 

Persibas has several Supporter groups, one of which is the Laskar Bombastik (Boy Banyumas fanatical supporters) This group was founded in 2010 and started by like-minded fans exchanging their ideas and conversations on Facebook. Their goal was to unite and bring together the people of the region to show their passion for the local football pride. The first time they gathered in the stadium, up to 50 people showed up and Laskar Bombastik was born. In 2015 they managed to get a full house/sold-out stadium during games against PSIM and PSIS.

The name Laskar Bombastik has been chosen by the different founders during several meetings. It was either Hoobastank (Hooligans Banyumas without anarchy) or Laskar Bombastik. The inspiration for their songs and community is coming from four big supporter communities in Indonesia.

1. The Jak (Persija Jakarta)
2. Aremania (Arema FC)
3. Bonek (Persebaya)
4. Viking / Bobotoh (Persib Bandung)

Laskar Bombastik and Persibas Banyumas hoping to perform in Liga 2 again as soon as possible. To keep up with other clubs and communities in the region it’s essential to play in Liga 2. The club needs to be more professional to compete with other clubs in Central Java.

Laskar Bombastik celebrates its tenth anniversary this week and Awaydays Asia would like to congratulate them on this achievement. Hopefully, in the near future, we can make it to Purwokerto and watch a game of Persibas Banyumas and join Laskar Bombastik in the stands of the Satria Stadium.

Persibas Banyumas - Laskar Bombastik 10 year Anniversary

Proud to have played for Persibas Banyumas
Many national talents and well known Indonesian players have played for Persibas during the years. Persibas played an important role in their career.

Ispriyanto (Ex Persib)
Sutiono lamso (Ex Persib Bandung)
Abda (ex PSIM & PSS)
Ali, Andesi Prabowo (Ex Pelita Jaya)
Ali Barkah, Sapto dadhari (Ex Persitema, PSCS, PSS)
Waluyo (Ex Persib, Deltras Sidoarjo, Arema Indonesia, PSS) 
Irkham Zahrul Milla (PSS Sleman & U-23 National Team)
Ega Riski (PSIS, PSCS, PSS)
Sidiq Saimima (Persebaya, PSS, Bali United & U-23 National Team)
Ega Riski (PSIS, PSCS, PSS)
Sidiq Saimima (Persebaya, PSS, Bali United & U-National Team) 23)

Tempe Mendoan

For those of you who are interested in visiting Persibas Banyumas, the Satria Stadium is located in the East of Purwokerto on the DR Soeararo Street. On the way to the stadium, you will find many restaurants selling the local and famous food: Banyumas Mendoan tempe. So if you are around never skip the local tempe to complete your visit to Banyumas.

Satria Stadium in Purwokerto - Java - Indonesia

Special thanks to:
1. Arvyan (Text)
2. Cikal_Mulia Story (Video)

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