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Spreading the love for Indonesian football culture

But can he do it on a cold rainy afternoon in Lamongan?

There are many clubs to visit in East-Java and Persela Lamongan is definitely one to recommend. About an hour West…

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There are many clubs to visit in East-Java and Persela Lamongan is definitely one to recommend. About an hour West from Surabaya you will find the city of Lamongan. The city isn’t really big or famous but the football club Persela Lamongan is bigger than you might think.

Persela Lamongan vs PSIS Semarang

Two clubs we didn’t know much about were competing in Surajaya Stadium in early March 2020. As always we arrived about two hours before the game to spent our time on some coffee, a little bit of local alcohol, and good conversations with local supporters before kick-off.

We were lucky that day as we got in contact with the media man of the club! He suggested entering the stadium together with the Curva Boys at the north-side of the stadium and so we did!

Forza Persela!

We entered the north stand about one minute before kick-off time! It was packed and it wasn’t easy to find a spot but the local supporters helped us to get up and we were right behind the goal! Sitting isn’t allowed or an option and as we were right behind the goal we got involved in amazing support and chants.

Dark clouds hanging above Persela Lamongan's Surajaya Stadium.

Despite the fanatic support from the home crowd, PSIS led by 0-3 after 45 minutes. The member of the media team invited us to take a walk around the field and explained a lot about the local pride of Lamongan while dark clouds gathered above Surajaya Stadium. Accompanied by heavy rain, the second half was spectacular, Persela came back to 2-3, the rain didn’t stop as well as the Curva Boys! Despite the storm and crazy weather conditions, the supporters went to the limit to support their team looking for the equalizer. Unfortunately for Persela, the final score was 2-3 and which lead to the away fans from Semarang going crazy while celebrating their teams victory.

Persela Lamongan supporter spreads his arms and support his team on a completely full tribun.

We were escorted by many supporters to the exit gate of the north stand and together we waited for the rain to stop under the stadium. We bought a CurvaBoys shirt as appreciation for their kindness and went off to the Persela Store to buy an original Persela Lamongan jersey.

Persela! Until we meet again!

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