Friday, December 3, 2021
Spreading the love for Indonesian football culture

About us

It all started when we first visited a match in the Indonesian Liga 1. where we fell in love with the Indonesian supporter culture. After that, we started traveling around the archipelago to explore this exciting culture.

Spreading the love for Indonesian Football
We firmly believe that Indonesia has one of the most exciting football cultures around the world and our mission is to capture the intense passion in the stands and introduce people around the world to Indonesian football culture.

Although support in Indonesia is beyond limits, the world of Indonesian football culture is yet to be discovered by the rest of the world. The dedication to football is closest to religion for people here. Distances for Awaydays can calculate up to 5100 kilometers while fans still make the trip. Can you imagine!

Last season we started off by documenting Asia’s football culture with our first chapter: Indonesia! We share first-hand experiences with local fans from inside the stadium. Interviews with current and former players, and merchandise so you can spread the love as well! It’s all about sharing the culture with like-minded fans of the beautiful game!


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“From players to fans, and from the streets to the stands.

Spreading the love for Indonesian football culture.”

-Awaydays Asia-

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