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10 Remarkable Football Kits in Indonesia

Each year, sports brands and clubs try to out-do each other when it comes to the design of football kits….

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Each year, sports brands and clubs try to out-do each other when it comes to the design of football kits. Some kits are beautifully crafted pieces that integrate elements of the origins of the club, the city, or cultural aspects, where others look rather ridiculous. Some are eye-catching where others cause outrage. Over the years we have seen many remarkable football kits and here are the top 10 of the most remarkable football kits in Indonesia!

10. Persik Kediri 2016

The first kit on the list is the beautiful purple & red kit from Persik Kediri in their 2016 season. The shirt design creates the illusion of the red color, bursting through its purple sleeve. An original touch to their home kit for that season!

Persik Kediri Football Jersey / Kit 2016

9. Borneo FC 2016

Next up is the home kit of Borneo FC from their 2016 season. They made a special edit to their usual orange jersey, by adding a fading pattern in red. A nice touch to spice up their kit! Borneo FC is the biggest club to represent the largest island in Indonesia(Kalimantan).

Borneo F.C. Home Jersey 2016

8. Arema Malang 2020

Number 8! One of the most recent shirts on the list comes from Malang. The newly presented 2020 home kit off Arema has a really modern feel. One of the more modern designs in the Liga 1 and it must be nice for the fans to see their players completely covered in blue.

New Arema Malang Football Kit 2020

7. Persipura Jayapura 2015-2016

This away kit from Persipura Jayapura from their 2015-2016 season is without a doubt a beautiful kit. The shirt has a phenomenal design as they used red-colored, tribal-like designs from Papua to showcase the culture of Papua in their jersey. Who else is dreaming of an awayday to Papua?

Papuan Player Boaz Solossa holding the Away kit of Persipura Jayapura 2015- 2016

6. Persebaya 2019

Number 6 is the 2019 home jersey of Persebaya from Surabaya. As you can see from their logo, the club is being represented by a Shark & Crocodile. The city allegedly got its name from an age-old myth about a fight between a Shark (Sura/Suro) & a Crocodile (Baya/Boyo). As you can see, they gained inspiration from the patterns of a crocodile’s skin for their 2019 kit. Very creative!

Persebaya Surabaya Football Kit 2019

5.Bali United 2017

In Bali United’s 2017 season, the season they (almost) became champions of Indonesia. They played their home games in this awesome red kit with hints to the Hindu belief. As you can see, the outlines of the “Barong” can be seen on the front of the shirt. The Barong is a creature and character in the Balinese mythology and represents the king of spirits. Not bad to have the barong as your twelfth man 😉

Bali United Home jersey / football kit 2018

4. PSS Sleman 2017

Another animal-related shirt design on our list. This is is the green, feathered shirt of PSS Sleman in their 2017 season. This remarkable shirt subtly shows the feathers of “Super Elja” the mascot and nickname of the club. Super Elja is an abbreviation of Super Elang Java aka The Super Javanese Eagle which can be seen in many choreos of the famous Brigata Curva Sud. Super Elja!

PSS Sleman Home Jersey 2017

3. Persija 1997 – 1998

Number 8 on our list features the home kit of Persija in their 1997-1998 season. The kit is completely dominated by the iconic “Persija tiger” on the front and on the sleeve pattern. Persija’s mascot has been a tiger for years but the origins of this representation is unclear. But some sources claim that there was a tiger threatening Batavia(Jakarta during the colonial era) in 1882 from which the club adopted its mascot. Do you think the opponent would feel intimidated facing Persija in this jersey?

Persija Jakarta Home Tiger Jersey 1997 - 1998

2. PSIM 2015

We are nearing the end of our top 10 remarkable shirts in Indonesian football. Number 9 is the home kit of PSIM Yogyakarta in their 2015 season. This beautiful blue shirt features a remarkable design on both the sleeves representing the typical Javanese “batik” design. The patterns and weaving methods for making batik originate from Yogyakarta, the hometown of PSIM.

PSIM Yogyakarta Batik Home Jersey 2015

1. PJ Mojokerto Putra – 2018

Without a doubt the most remarkable football kit in the history of Indonesian football and certainly not one to be seen every day. In 2018 the Liga 2 club PJ Mojokerto Putra caused a stir among Indonesian football fans when they arrived for their away game vs PSS Sleman in a fresh-looking tuxedo. You usually only expect a team to show up like this in FIFA Ultimate team mode. We don’t mind this casual look. Who’s up for a party?

PJ Mojokerto Home Jersey Tuxedo 2018

And that brings us to the end of the 10 most remarkable football kits in the history of Indonesian football. Let us know what your favorite football kit in Indonesia is by leaving a comment below! Do you think we missed out on a remarkable kit? Let us know as well!


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